Regression Testing

At INNOVIQS, regression testing is a proactive approach to quality assurance in software development. It helps maintain the stability of the application, prevents the introduction of new defects, and supports the continuous evolution of software with confidence in its overall reliability.

Regression testing aims to confirm that modifications, enhancements, or bug fixes introduced in the codebase do not unintentionally break or degrade the functionality of the previously tested and working parts of the software.

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Tailored Regression Testing Solutions

Supporting CI/CD

Mastering the Automation

Cost Savings

Seamless integration with development lifecycles.

Enhancing code Stability and confidence

Certifications and Expertise

Continuous advancements and innovations

Our focus

Our focus is to safeguard the stability and reliability of a software application as it undergoes continuous development and changes, ensuring that each new release maintains or improves upon the established level of functionality and quality.

Develop Comprehensive Test Suites

Create a robust set of test cases that cover all major functionalities of the software. These test cases should be designed to thoroughly validate the core features, edge cases, and potential integration points.

Detecting Bugs and

Identify any unintended side effects of code changes by ensuring that new modifications do not introduce new bugs or defects into the existing codebase.

Monitor and Analyse Test metrics

Monitor key test metrics, such as test pass rates, test coverage, and defect density. Analysing these metrics can help identify areas for improvement in the testing process.

Optimizing Automated Tests

Streamline the testing process by automating repetitive and time-consuming test scenarios. Automated regression tests can be executed efficiently, providing rapid feedback to
development teams.

Root Cause analysis

Prevent the recurrence of issues by identifying the underlying causes of problems or incidents rather than focusing solely on addressing the symptoms.

Customer Satisfaction

Ensuring the stability and reliability of a software application through regression testing contributes to customer satisfaction.

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