Functional Testing

While it may be tempting to skip or cut corners on testing to expedite product delivery, doing so can lead to increased support costs, customer dissatisfaction, and damage to the reputation of the product. It is essential to allocate sufficient time and resources for functional testing to ensure the quality and success of the software product.

At INNOVIQS, we ensure the application conforms to the specified requirements. This ensures that the product delivers the features and functionalities with positive user experience as intended by the stakeholders.

We ensure that the software complies with industry standards, regulations, and guidelines. Identifying and fixing functional issues early in the development process helps mitigate the risks associated with software releases. Delivering a product that aligns with customer expectations. Ensuring that the software functions correctly and meets user needs, leads to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Our Functional Testing

Our methodology is universal, but we will continuously educate ourselves to improve the standards and domain knowledge, ultimately contributing to the overall success of the high quality software product.

Regression Testing

We safeguard the stability and reliability of a software application as it undergoes continuous developments and enhancements.

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Mobile Testing

We ensure to limit the chances of users encountering critical bugs on their mobile device, which in turn help increase business outreach to more users across the globe.

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Database Testing

We nurture the ability to validate the functionality, performance, security, and reliability of the database system, ultimately contributing to the overall success and quality of software applications.

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Automation Testing

We enable automation to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability of the testing process that contribute to the overall quality and success of software projects.

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Usability Testing

We emphasize on usability testing to ultimately improve the design of a product to enhance user satisfaction and effectiveness.

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Compatibility Testing

We ensure that software performs as expected regardless of the platform, device, or configuration used by the end user.

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Localization Testing

Our successful localization testing helps ensure that the software is culturally sensitive, linguistically accurate, and functionally effective in diverse markets.

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Business Intelligence Testing

We perform BI testing for maintaining the overall quality, reliability, and effectiveness of BI systems, ensuring that they provide accurate, timely, and actionable insights for informed decision-making within an organization

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API Testing

In today's interconnected and complex software ecosystems, we test various functional components for seamless integration, reliability, security and data exchange.

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UI Testing

We offer a comprehensive suite of testing services to ensure the impeccable quality of your software.

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Accessibility Testing

We identify and address barriers that may prevent individuals with disabilities from accessing and using the digital products effectively.

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